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Manning, SC Project Electric Panel Box Bid Info

Building is old an warehouse and has been empty for sometime. Much internal wiring has been removed (stolen). 

I never discussed any electricall issues with the power provider -  Duke Energy Progress. They may just come and turn the power back on.

It looks like transformer is still hooked to service enterance wiring at the power pole. I believe power is probably energized in the meter box. I believe this is a 3 phase service. 

BUT - I understand Duke prices electrical rates on type and amperage rating of service - so really don't need 3 phase, and would like to safe money on electical service rates if possible.  


I'm looking for someone to help navigate Duke, getting them to reconfigure to single phase, and install panel box (no other wiring required at this point).  I do want to go bigger then 200 amp if possible, but I could probably make do with 200 amp if required to get good rate from Duke. 

Meter on outside wall.jpg
Meter channel
Disconnect Tag.jpg
All service entrance wiring from pole to meter channel appears to be intact, and will not require replacement. It's underground from pole to building - about 75 feet. (Meter seal still intact from DEP - Duke Energy Progress). 
The service entrance wiring then goes from meter box into building and directly to panel box - its only about 5 feet long - see picture with red circle showing conduit - it's cut in the wiring trough. It's a large 4 conductor copper wire.   
The property has 2 addresses. I have spoken with Duke Energy Progress - 1-800-777-9898 - and both addresses are in Duke's system - I would prefer to use the 3431 Highway 301, Manning SC address. The property is also know as 4864 Sumter Highway, Alcula SC. 

I will call Duke Energy as property owner and request service if easier, but I will want you to assist with anything Duke requires to get service running.  

Duke asked if I knew the meter number - the only number I've found on the meter channel is the equipment service number - 008081, probably what they were asking for.
I'm not sure where the conduits that go into the cement floor go (circled in Yellow), but I may want to use them in the future, so if possible, I would like to retain/utilize the wiring trough (circled in Blue). Everything else can be removed, and new panel box installed. 
Please email questions or/and your quote to: - please put in subject line "SC Electric Quote"

My name is Stephen Dunn, my company is Transit Group LLC. I can also be reached at 585-590-7002
Incoming conduit.jpg
Wiring from meter
Wire Trough.jpg
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